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re-watching: breaking bad
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working on: drawings and stuff!

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i think she hates me

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replace every vowel in your url with “ub”

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whosjohnlennon: model with nicki minaj



our anacondas dont want none unless u got buns hun

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important things to remember

  • if someone doesn’t reply to your message they are probably busy, not ignoring you
  • just because someone doesn’t message you first, it doesn’t mean they don’t care about you
  • if someone seems upset or distant they probably aren’t upset at you in particular
  • lots of people love you and you’re not annoying

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Anónimo: OMG please just date already!!!!!!!!!!


OMG u don’t tell me what to do please just leave it already!

what the actual fuck this is going too far

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Title: Somebody To Love
Artist: Queen
Download: click here
Played: 1201 times

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the tag thing!


 - Always post the rules

Answer the questions from the person who tagged you

Write 11 new ones

Tag 11 people and link them in the post

I was tagged by the lovely brian-mays-hair-curlers thank you!

1.) Is there any special meaning behind your URL?

no i don’t think so :P

2.) How well do you get along with people?

depends on the person i guess

3.) What’s your dream career?

graphic design!

4.) Do you have any body modifications?


5.) Is your hair color natural or dyed?

it’s all natural bae

6.) Are you satisfied with your life?

not in a 100 percent

7.) If you could only see one musician/band (dead or alive) play live who would you pick and why?

t h e  b e a t l e s

8.) Do you have any special talent(s)?

i don’t know if being dramatic it’s a special talent

9.) What’s your favorite eye color?

brown and grey

10.) If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live?

london :)

11.) What season is your favorite and why?

winter! i love christmas and cozy sweaters 

i’m not gonna tag anyone but if u wanna do this just answer the same questions! :)

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